Isuzu backs U-Pol

Isuzu has approved U-Pol’s Raptor protective coating for use on its D-Max pick-up trucks.

Isuzu now offers Raptor to owners who request to protect their vehicles’ from impact, scratches, corrosion, chemical and fuel spillage.

Guy Williams, chief executive officer at U-Pol, commented, ‘The Isuzu D-Max is typical of the 4×4 pick-up truck, it’s extremely practical with go-anywhere ability that are put to a whole raft of uses.

‘We are delighted that Isuzu, with such a successful pick-up as the D-Max in its stable, has endorsed its qualities.’

Darren James, group resources director for Isuzu, said, ‘Put simply, we wanted to be able to offer our customers with the very best protective coating available and in our mind Raptor is the best.’

U-pol and Isuzu are both exhibiting at the Commercial Vehicle Show 25-27 April at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. Both stands will showcase Isuzu pick-ups with Raptor Coating.