Insufficient lubrication responsible for 90% turbocharge failures

As UK drivers increasingly choose turbocharged vehicles, the chance of making a costly mistake is increasing as insufficient lubrication is responsible for nearly nine in 10 turbocharger failures.

With improved fuel economy and lower emissions, without the loss of performance, Turbocharged engines are becoming increasingly popular among consumers.  However, due to the highly sensitive oil choice, brought about by extreme internal temperatures, the need for optimal lubrication in turbo-charged engines is critical, with the use of incorrect or insufficient oil having a destructive and costly effect on turbocharged engines.

The research is emphasised by the fact that engine failures due to a manufacturing faults of the turbo itself accounts for under one per cent of all problems, highlighting the need to use the correct, high-quality oil.

Mike Bewsey, sales and marketing director commented, ‘Most professional technicians are well versed in choosing the right oil for a variety of engines. With the prevalence of turbocharged engines and their sensitivity to engine oil choice, and manufacturer-specific oils, this means that it is absolutely critical to ensure every turbocharged vehicle is serviced with an appropriate lubricant.

‘An extraordinary number of turbo failures are down to insufficient lubrication, and in many cases, this could’ve been avoided by ensuring an optimal lubricant was used. Luckily, it is now easier than ever to rapidly select the correct oil after launching our Oil Finder app which quickly pinpoints the exact product to use.’

Workshops can take preventative measures to avoid engine damage. If the wrong oil has been added, a good flush of the engine will remove impurities, whilst also preventing a build-up of engine-harming contaminants in the future. In addition, Comma Oil’s application tool helps workshops find the recommended oil through their online portal.

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