Industry trust at all-time low

New research reveals that car mechanics have overtaken estate agents as the least trusted trade in the UK.

According to the new survey from Warrantywise, customers dislike dealing with car repair garages more than any other trade, beating estate agents into first place, with plumbers taking the third spot.

The research reveals that garages baffle customers with language that they don’t understand and the majority of female respondents (78%), said they felt likely to be ripped off by a garage when their car went wrong, versus 62% of males.

The survey also found that service advisors can make or break satisfaction, the pick-up process is important, transparency on work and cost is valued.

Scott Hamilton, managing director of commented, ‘It’s a great pity that garages have such a poor reputation amongst motorists, when so many are highly professional, delivering an excellent service to customers. Unfortunately, there are a few bad operators who are tarnishing the whole industry by not applying good working practices or delivering poor customer service.

‘We know from our own research that customers are concerned that they will be charged for work that is not done, or that unnecessary work is carried. Garages need to build trust and they can do this through a number of ways, such as ensuring they clearly explain what customers are getting for their money in plain English, reference their parts and labour guarantees and share all customer reviews.

‘Garages should do the basics well, with clear communication with customers in each stage of the process, including responding quickly to all queries and complaints. With expectations being so low on standards, garages can really impress customers by following a few simple steps.’