IMI calls for budget support

The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) has called for support from the chancellor in the Spring Budget.

Steve Nash, CEO of the IMI has sent Philip Hammond his ‘wishlist’ for next week’s Spring Budget.  Top of the list is a request for the Chancellor to do more to encourage motorists to adopt new technologies – rather than just ‘beat them up’ for driving the ‘wrong’ cars.

Nash said, ‘The IMI wholeheartedly supports the government’s focus on electric vehicles. But we urgently need the Chancellor to allocate some of the millions that’s currently being put to increasing charging points, to supporting the training of motor retailers in being able to maintain and service these vehicles.

‘Until this is addressed, insurance and servicing costs will mean electric vehicles stay out of the reach of many drivers and car buyers. And that probably means, despite various politicians’ best efforts to deter interest in diesels, these will continue to be seen as the most fuel efficient alternative, keeping them on our roads in significant numbers for decades to come.’

Nash has also called for the government ‘to put its money where its mouth is’ in respect of electric vehicle subsidies as well as supported calls for a scrappage scheme for the oldest diesels.