IMI braced for network surge

The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) has invested in a significant IT upgrade to service the surge in demand from MOT testers for DVSA assessment and training.

It has seen its website traffic more than double in recent months as thousands of testers have flocked to the site to complete their assessment and annual training ahead of the 31 March deadline for compliance with DVSA regulations. With just 80 days to go until the deadline it was necessary for the IMI’s online systems to be braced to service anything between 500 and 10,000 testers a day who will be taking their training and assessment via the eLearning portal.

David Easton, former DVSA MOT education chief, who now works with the IMI, said, ‘Testers have still not fully engaged with the new annual training regime and there are still a large number of testers who still haven’t complied with DVSA’s requirements.

‘With the festivities now behind us I’m sure that the bulk of responsible MOT Testers and their employers will focus on the need to meet the DVSA requirements in order for them to continue testing customer’s vehicles.’

According the head of ICT the server upgrade can withstand a tsunami of testers in any one day without customers experiencing any loss of speed. Steve Connelly said, ‘The new system has 10 times the capacity of the previous one. Our customers are guaranteed a smoother and faster service compared to any other provider and this is guaranteed no matter when Testers find the time to do the assessment and training.’