Hues the boss?

A new report has revealed the five most popular colours of used cars sold in the UK.

According to, the UK’s top five are black, silver, blue, white and grey. It also revealed that two-tone cars are more likely to be stolen.

It found that 22.68% of all searches conducted on its site last year were for black cars, an almost identical performance to the previous year, ahead of silver (20.93%) and blue (16.89%).

Gavin Amos, head of valuation services at, said, ‘The top five colours were all about average in terms of write-off, finance and stolen risks, but two-tone cars were significantly more likely to be stolen.

‘For example, 5.56% of black and silver cars, and 2.83% of black and red cars were listed as stolen compared to a top 20 makes average of 0.92%. The main reason for this is sporty models tending to have two-tone colour schemes – they’re targeted by thieves because they’re desirable cars.

‘In the new car market, white has been the top colour for a while, and grey is also on the up, so it will be interesting to see if these trends are replicated in the used car market over the next couple of years.’