hpi enhances customer service

hpi has added a more comprehensive service to car buyers.

Its hpi check now includes the premium valuation service together with a full MOT history. Included at no extra cost is the trade-in value (good, poor and excellent condition), forecourt value (high and low) and depreciation graph (past and future values).

The valuation enables drivers to check the future value of the vehicle, to check how much dealers will pay for it in three years’ time; see how the car has depreciated since new; get full manufacturer specifications, including information about the performance and fuel economy.

Fernando Garcia, consumer director at hpi, said, ‘In providing the main features of a premium valuation at no extra charge along with comprehensive MOT history data, hpi is powering up the bundle available for consumers to ensure they can buy or sell their next vehicle with the utmost confidence.

‘We have more than 30 years’ experience supplying valuations to the motoring trade, and now consumers can have the same confidence and peace of mind. The data used to compile the valuations is based on the latest reliable market information generated by genuine market experts with all valuations completely independent of dealers or manufacturer influence.

‘From motor dealers and car manufacturers to insurers, lenders and car hire firms, many involved in the automotive industry rely on and trust the accuracy of our valuations. Consumers now have easy access to the same reliable and credible data resource combined with valuations accuracy, providing complete peace of mind and reassurance when buying or selling a car.’