Howard Tenens employs TruTac tech

Howard Tenens, a leading logistics specialists, is investing in the latest compliance tools and technology to future-proof its business.

It is working with TruTac and CMS Supatrak to implement a programme of upgrades, focussed on delivering efficiency improvements for driver and vehicle management. These include combined remote vehicle downloading and telematics for instant analysis of driver and vehicle tacho data, tighter control over agency drivers and increased compliance.

Using TruControl, with Howard Tenens no longer needs to manually download vehicle and driver information. Instead, it can access full data on their 400-strong, national fleet at the ‘touch of a button’.

‘The remote downloading system facilitated by TruTac and CMS,’ explained national fleet & compliance manager, Richard Philpotts, ‘provides a wealth of real-time, accurate information to ensure that no individual cases slip through the net and particularly so regarding agency drivers. In turn, this adds up to greater efficiency and truly effective compliance control.’

From any chosen location, Howard Tenens can analyse specific and current tachograph data to monitor driver performance and identify infringements, thereby eliminating potential risks. Additionally, it can automatically calculate optimum vehicle routing, identify valuable information such as ‘missing miles’ and improve driver behaviours including accident reduction.

‘We worked closely with Howard Tenens from the start,’ said Matthew Bright from CMS Supatrak. ‘Our initial objective was to fully understand the nature and extent of their logistics operation. Only then, could we develop a telematics solution to maximise vehicle utilisation and exactly match their needs.’

Meanwhile, TruTac has provided a bespoke training package, tailored to the Howard Tenens operation, focusing on specific KPI’s and reports.