Glasurit launches bespoke CV training

Commercial finishers can now benefit from an innovative new commercial vehicle training programme based at Glasurit’s training facility at ITAS Milton Keynes.

The two-day course is designed to combine the basics for less experienced painters and preppers, such as how to read technical data sheets correctly and the importance of viscosities, together with the latest advanced application techniques for painters at the top of their game.

The team from premium manufacturers Whale Tankers was first to take the course, led by Glasurit’s Phil Bungenaar, who combines multimedia presentations in the modern classroom, with practical work in the state of the art workshop and spray booths, together with the use of live video to help technicians develop and improve technique.

The new training course also covers equipment set up for gravity, suction and pressure fed guns, particularly as Whale tends to use 1:1 pumps for the majority of large scale applications within their 16 metre spray booths, while quality control including thickness testing is included within the course as part of the stringent quality control process.

For Whale Tankers, attention to detail and the highest level of quality throughout the build is the key to maintaining its premium brand status and the quality of the finish is paramount in order to meet the strict demands of the customer’s brand identity and survive the rigorous cleaning processes employed by the end user.

For that reason, Glasurit has developed the new 68 Line process training programme to include every stage from etch priming bare metal and tintable primers to top coats including solid colours and metallic.