Fundraising a marathon not a sprint

Mac Engledew of Recovery World ran the London Marathon to raise funds for Whizz-Kidz on Sunday.

He said, ‘It’s a great charity for disabled kids, helping supply them with the equipment they need.

Finishing in an impressive time of 3:38, he said, ‘At 13.2m, the half way mark, I thought ‘oh no I’ve only done half, I have that to do all over again!’ It was at that point where the going got much tougher.

‘Starting the race, I was looking at the surroundings and the crowd but that was Greenwich and Rotherhithe, so not much to look at. I didn’t see any of the iconic building closer into town, by that time it was head down in a hard slog; not even looking up at Buckingham Palace, just thinking I’m nearly there, I’m nearly there!’

Meanwhile, Gemini’s Dave Sargeant raised money for Leukaemia CARE, also finishing in 3:38, while bodyshop’s Alan Feldberg came home in 3:48 in support of WWF.