Friends entrusted with motoring choices

Four in five motorists seek advice before committing to garage repair work, but almost half (47%) limit that advice to friends and family rather than professional guidance.

The findings come from new research by motoreasy, and also highlight other popular sources of counsel include personal online research, favoured by a quarter of drivers, while one in seven (14%) turn to forums for information.

The data showed that men are more likely to trust their own judgement, with 18% believing they have enough of an understanding to trust the repairer’s recommendations. For female motorists, that figure drops to just four per cent.

Duncan McClure Fisher, motoreasy founder, said, ‘Many drivers don’t feel knowledgeable or comfortable challenging garages over work they say is necessary, or the costs they are presented with.

‘The risk is that, unless the source people are going to for advice is a professional mechanic themselves, there will still be a knowledge deficit which could mean paying for work that could have waited or simply wasn’t needed.’

According to motoreasy’s database of 20,000 vehicles, the average car repair bill in the UK is almost £300, but costs can soar to more than £4,000.

Despite seeking additional assurance, nearly half (47%) of drivers still feel they have been overcharged for work and one in four think they may have even paid for work that was never done.