Fix Auto Petersfield celebrates milestone

Fix Auto Petersfield has become the latest franchisee to celebrate a decade with the bodyshop group.

Fix Auto’s Ian Pugh presented owners James and Patricia Poste with a 10th anniversary plaque to commemorate the milestone, which sees the business join eight fellow franchisees Fix Auto Dagenham, Fix Auto Bradford, Fix Auto Cardiff, Fix Auto Keighley, Fix Auto Loughborough, Fix Auto Rochdale, Fix Auto Settle and Fix Auto Weston-Super-Mare within the network’s celebrated group.

James, who took to the stage to receive the Fix Auto Bodyshop of the Year Award during the network’s National Conference in October, said, ‘When we joined Fix Auto the network was still very much in its infancy. We were really sold a concept, and it has been a pleasure to see that become a reality. Today, Fix Auto has developed into the great network of independently owned bodyshops that we were promised from the outset and we are extremely proud to be part of that.’

James added, ‘I’ve been asked many times whether it was the right decision to join Fix Auto and my answer is always ’absolutely’. For me, while we have collectively achieved so much I firmly believe this is just the start of even greater things. I have one son who has joined the business and another seriously considering it so I truly am excited for what the future holds, not just for Fix Auto Petersfield, but for every franchisee, both old and new.’

Fix Auto’s Ian Pugh said, ‘Fix Auto is undoubtedly in an excellent position within the UK market, but the success we enjoy today wouldn’t exist without visionaries like James and Patricia who had the foresight to join and help to form the network from the outset. The commitment of these entrepreneurs provided the foundation for our current operation and I am privileged to be able to acknowledge their 10th anniversary.’