Fix Auto joins AutoRaise skills mission

Fix Auto UK is the latest key organisation within the vehicle repair sector to be named as a Platinum Partner of AutoRaise, the industry charity created to help create, develop and nurture the next generation of vehicle repairer apprentices.

The network joins insurer LV=, Enterprise, U-Pol, Morelli, Audatex and R-M in becoming a Platinum Partner.

AutoRaise CEO Bob Linwood, said, ‘This is yet another extremely exciting step forward for us. Having Fix Auto as our sole Platinum Partner from the repair networks sector is a natural progression and only fitting for the charity, particularly when you consider the dynamic involvement from Chris Oliver, of Fix Auto Dagenham, and Hannah Crick, of Fix Auto Stevenage, right from our inception.’

He added, ‘This is a great opportunity to work with such a professional organisation as we strive to solve the skills crisis currently facing every facet of the industry. The reality is, the shortage of a highly skilled new generation of technicians is so dire I firmly believe that anyone who makes a living from the industry can’t ignore it any longer and Fix Auto will undeniably help us to get that message out.’

Ian Pugh of Fix Auto UK, said, ‘We are delighted and proud to be supporting this worthwhile charity. The desperate need for attracting and then recruiting new apprentices has long been a topic of conversation. AutoRaise is now tackling this need to develop and nurture the repairer of tomorrow, and is driven to resolve arguably the number one crisis our businesses face today.’

The AutoRaise charity was formally launched at their R(E)volution event at The Tower of London on 2 December, which was attended by more than 80 guests from all sectors of the industry.

AutoRaise has created two new web portals, and to engage with the industry and young people respectively.

AutoRaise’ initial engagement strategy is to ask all repairers that recognise there is a skills crisis to become AutoRaise Affiliated.