Family jailed for fraudulent claims

Six members of the same family have been handed prison sentences for their roles in a £100,000 ‘crash for cash’ fraud conspiracy.

The sought compensation from LV= for whiplash injuries sustained in crashes that never took place.

Mehmet Yavuz, 36, and his brothers-in-law Salman Gulbudak, 32, and Hasan Sel, 30, received immediate sentences of 16 months, 12 months and four months respectively. Four-month sentences, suspended for a year, were also handed out to Eylem Yavuz, 35, Ayse Sel, 34, and Mato Gulbudak, 58.

Clare Lunn, fraud director for insurance firm LV=, said, ‘This is a great result for LV= and society. The gang all played their part in this crash for cash scam and worked together to stage several fictitious accidents. We’re pleased that custodial sentences were handed down today and hope these criminals serve as proof that fraud doesn’t pay.’

Suspicions were raised when six members of the same family claimed to be the victims of accidents in the space of five weeks.

High Court judge Mr Justice Warby said this was ‘the striking fact’ and said it was also ‘remarkable’ that the crashes also eastern European cleaners from seaside towns in the south of England.

‘To suggest that this is mere coincidence is stretching credulity to breaking point,’ the judge said. ‘Each of you lied in an attempt to receive damages for losses never suffered. None of you admitted your guilt, but chose to tell more lies. The civil justice system is seriously undermined by lying claims. The courts must emphasise how serious it is for somebody to make a dishonest claim. However easy it is to make fake claims, the consequences will be disastrous if you are found out. The lives of yourselves and your families are likely to be ruined.’