Excellence in Exeter for Motofix

Mitsubishi has described Motofix Exeter as a Centre of Excellence.

The company, which also trades as Fairweather Prestige, earned the praise when successfully securing re-approval from the brand.

This re-approval comes after the business has refurbished its whole premises, developing an enhanced operational performance, whilst continuing to focus on the standards of its Vehicle Manufacturer Programmes.

David Cato, project manager of the Verex Group’s Bodyshop Network Programmes, said, ‘It’s a pleasure to reward Motofix Exeter with a Mitsubishi re-approval. During the audit, it was made clear to me that the Exeter management team are dedicated to developing their standards. The bodyshop offers a great quality of service, which is boosted by its staffing and infrastructure.’

Adrian Jeffery, Motofix Exeter’s bodyshop manager, added, ‘We are delighted with our Mitsubishi re-approval. We are committed to maintaining our quality of service, and such positive feedback motivates us to further stand out within the industry.’