Ex-PPG man gains velocity

Ex-PPG man, Gethyn Davies has launched Velocity Motor Solutions to provide repairers with improved buying terms for premium products in parts, paint and dry goods.

Gethyn, previously a director at PPG, has formed the independent company to enable repairers and work provider clients to achieve better supply chain solutions. The aim is to enable repairers to compete in terms of buying power.

esure is the first insurer partner to sign up to Velocity Motor Solutions and the buying group is in continued discussions with other work providers and suppliers who are expected to come on board shortly.

Gethyn Davies, managing director, Velocity Motor Solutions explained, ‘Our model is that it should be a benefit for all stakeholders – repairers, suppliers and work providers – as we only want any of them to participate out of choice because they see the value. We want bodyshops to be in control of their businesses and their future; the insurers and accident management companies that we’re working with endorse this too with no need for mandates.’