EV savings for company car drivers

New figures from Go Ultra Low reveal that company car drivers could save around £7,376 by switching to a 100% electric car.

This figure, calculated by comparing average electric and diesel models, includes a Benefit in Kind (BIK) rate saving of £3,974, in addition to an average £3,842 fuel saving over a typical three-year cycle of company car ownership.

New online cost comparison tools on www.goultralow.com provide fuel and tax cost savings for both company car drivers and private motorists. The cost calculators allow all new petrol and diesel engine cars to be compared side-by-side with every plug-in hybrid and 100% electric car from Go Ultra Low’s supporting manufacturers Audi, BMW, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, Renault, Toyota and Volkswagen.

Poppy Welch, head of Go Ultra Low, said, ‘Businesses should not be put off by the upfront purchase price of electric vehicles, but should instead focus on the fantastic savings they offer over the life of the vehicle. However, we know that many questions and concerns still remain in regards to electric vehicles and their viability for business. That’s why Go Ultra Low has developed a range of tools to offer businesses and drivers the information they need to choose the car that best suits their needs.’