EU declares Uber taxi company

The European Court of Justice has ruled that Uber is officially a transport service company.

Uber has previously denied that it operates as a taxi firm, arguing instead that it is a digital service allowing people to make contact electronically. Consequently, the company will face stricter regulations and licensing in the EU.

The decision was made in Luxembourg after Uber was challenged for not following local taxi rules in Barcelona.

By establishing itself as a computer-based service rather than a transport service, Uber did not need to comply with national licensing laws, but this announcement means Uber must comply with transport laws.

An Uber spokesperson said, ‘This ruling will not change things in most EU countries where we already operate under transportation law. However, millions of Europeans are still prevented from using apps like ours. As our new CEO has said, it is appropriate to regulate services such as Uber and so we will continue the dialogue with cities across Europe. This is the approach we’ll take to ensure everyone can get a reliable ride at the tap of a button.’