Election to hinder whiplash reforms

Access to Justice has raised concerns that the snap general election could delay the Ministry of Justice’s proposed whiplash reforms for years.

Spokesman for the campaign group, Andrew Twambley told Post, ‘The general election will put the whole bill into question. It will go back to like it was a year or so ago. Rather than being a battle, now is the time to press home a compromise.

‘We have the alternative claims framework, which answers 99% of the government’s requirements for whiplash reform. If we can present an alternative to the government in the Autumn with all parties agreeing, the government can take it and then get on with Brexit.’

However, ABI director of general insurance policy James Dalton claimed the alternative claims framework was ‘too little, too late, from people desperate to stop reform.’

Chair of the Prison and Courts Bill, which encompasses the whiplash reforms, Craig Tracey MP declared it was ‘business as usual’ but questioned whether the changes were a ‘priority at this stage’ suggesting more would be known in the coming days.