Driving test update imminent

More than 22,000 learner drivers are preparing to take the new driving test, with changes being introduced next Monday (4 December).

Some 80% of candidates will be expected to follow directions with a sat nav while all learners will be asked to answer a vehicle safety question while driving.

Speaking of the changes, Kate Rock-Rees of Goodyear Tyres UK said, ‘The priority is to help and support motorists through a lifetime of safe driving, so any changes that are being made to improve the education and testing process are welcomed.

‘Introducing the ‘show me’ question whilst driving will help drivers prepare their ‘real life’ driving skills, but the earlier drivers can start their learning process the better, that way they can build up skills over a longer period of time and gain valuable experience.

Goodyear Tyres research reveals that 41% of young drivers have had an accident or near miss in the last 12-months, with nearly one quarter of these claiming it was a direct result of being distracted at the wheel.