Drivers still unprepared for snowy roads

Less than a third of motorists are prepared for snow, with only 29% keeping a spade or shovel in their cars during winter.

The research by AA Tyres also reveals that just under half (49%) of drivers carry warm clothing and suitable footwear in the car during winter in case they get stuck in bad weather, while a third of motorists (33%) admit to risking their own safety by ignoring advice to not drive in particularly bad conditions unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Many drivers seem to spare some thought for their tyres as the weather turns colder, as 65% of motorists check their tyre pressures and conditions regularly during the season.

However, only a quarter (26%) take the initiative to replace worn tyres before they reach the legal minimum tread depth of 1.6mm, by instead replacing these at the recommended level of 3mm, for example.

Simon Benson, director of motoring services at AA Tyres said, ‘It seems that many drivers had been banking on Britain’s stereotypically unpredictable weather staying subdued this winter, but adverse weather has already caused widespread disruption across the country. Although our research found that the vast majority of drivers carried out three or more preparations to get ready for any sudden changes in weather, Brits should beware overlooking important safety precautions as the temperature starts to drop.

‘It’s vital to check the overall condition of your tyres as winter rolls in, but you risk your safety by failing to replace tyres before they reach the legal minimum tread depth.

‘As your tyres’ tread wears down, your grip decreases – particularly on wet roads – so driving in heavy rain or on icy roads is considerably more dangerous if your tyres are worn down to the legal limit.

‘Similarly, it’s important to check that all your lights are working – but you may not be seen if they’re dirty. A quick clean takes seconds and will help ensure the safety of you, your passengers and other drivers on the road.’