Drivers on thin ice

More than half of drivers are uncomfortable driving in snow, according to a new report.

According to research commissioned by Goodyear Tyres UK, 53% of motorists surveyed say they find driving in the snow and ice nerve-racking, with a further 48% listing de-icing wind screens in the mornings as a problem.

It’s also revealed that 40% of British drivers also believe more grit should be provided by councils during periods of icy weather.

Kate Rock-Rees, Goodyear Tyres, said, ‘Preparation is key for motorists all year round, but particularly during winter when road conditions are harsher and accidents are more likely.

‘Simply checking you have adequate tread on your tyres will ensure your car will grip better when driving on ice and snow. If you live in an area that is commonly known for extreme winter conditions – where temperatures are regularly below seven degrees – you should consider changing to winter tyres.

‘Allow more time in the morning to clear your car windows and mirrors of snow and frost before setting off and ensure your screen wash and de-icer is topped up.’

Here, Goodyear Tyres UK provides its top driving tips to make sure your safe on the roads during the forecasted period of ice and snow: watch your speed; check your tyres for wear; use a higher gear to start and pull away; don’t ‘pump’ your brakes; keep your distance; be careful over bridges or passes; pack an emergency kit; avoid distractions.