Diesel ban sparks concern

The UK government has pledged to ban the sale of diesel and petrol cars by the year 2040, leaving many businesses and consumers questioning their vehicle purchases.

A new report by The Car People has revealed that half (48%) of managers who employ drivers are confused by the proposed ban, with 39% admitting they are concerned about the impact the ban will have on their company finances.

While one in five think the ban will have a positive impact on their work, only 43% of those who have a transport business are planning to train employees to drive, fix or work with hybrid and electric vehicles.

45% of business decision makers are concerned about the availability of trained mechanics for hybrid and electric vehicles, with their biggest concerns being revealed to be accessibility to charging points for electric cars (40%), unknown expenses for car charging (37%) and the possible increase in taxes/charges for driving petrol/diesel vehicles (34%).

When looking at company stock/fleet, 34% of businesses will look to purchase petrol vehicles next, however more plan to buy hybrid (14%) than diesel (8%), with only four per cent planning to buy electric vehicles.

Full information can be seen at https://www.thecarpeople.co.uk/blog/brits-confused-by-2040-petrol-and-diesel-ban