Detroit Electric to become automotive ‘super-employers’

A recruitment drive is underway following a $1.8bn injection in a UK automotive employer.

A joint venture agreement secured the investment capital for Detroit Electric, $370m of which will go towards the production of its all-electric SP:01 sports car at Leamington Spa, plus the development of three further models in the coming three years.

Chief technical officer and company director Richie Frost said, ‘Although we secured the long-term funding only a few weeks ago, we were already poised to implement our strategy to become one of the world’s leading electric vehicle manufacturers.

‘To achieve that, one of the key steps is to first recruit the senior technical team, and we’ve already secured some of the best talent in the industry to begin filling some of the top senior posts. I’m confident of bringing more exceptional people in to complete the management team within the next few months. Then, we can start filling the engineering and manufacturing positions – more than 200 in total over the next six months.

‘This will make us one of the automotive super-employers in the region, and our state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing centre will be producing world-class electric vehicles for export to global markets.’