Customer to define the future

The customer, not the industry, will define the future of the automotive sector according to Sophus3 managing director, Scott Gairns.

Speaking at the Sophus3 Digital Automotive Market Forum Scott told delegates, ‘The car market faces a tough year ahead due to economic and political uncertainty. Car brands and their digital teams must prepare for the approaching waves of disruption or risk being swept away.

‘The digital consumer journey is marred by hurdles of inconvenience: we must put mobile first and reinvent small screen experience. Other industries have been forced to change and innovate… automotive hasn’t had to… yet. The future is financial transactions. Get them right sooner rather than later. Click to buy is first step to transactional mobility future. The customer, not the automotive industry, will define the future of the automotive industry.’

His message came during the 2017 event, held in London, which attracted more than 150 participants from 25 different automotive brands including Ford, Mercedes, Honda, BMW and Audi attending.

The Forum showcased data and analysis from Sophus3’s eDataXchange (eDX) project; a strategic and country collaborative project that monitors consumer behaviour across websites. The Sophus3 project acts as a digital GPS of a car brand’s position in the market place and enables eDX participants to set targets, and determine which digital investments are changing their market position and how.

Founded in 2001, Sophus3 have been hosting a forum since 2002, helping manufacturers gain more value from their digital marketing and communication activities.