Consumers in the dark about autonomous

A new survey has found that nearly half of drivers are not interested in autonomous technology – however, only 21% know what a driverless car is.

Research commissioned by Auto Trader surveyed more than 5,500 motorists. It found that 81% of all car owners are committed to owning cars throughout their lifetime, with 73% saying independence is their biggest motivation for car ownership and 33% adding that it’s also about their ‘enjoyment of driving’.

On top of that, 45% of motorists that claim no interest in fully-autonomous cars say they enjoy driving too much to find the prospect of a driverless car appealing, with 49% of the same group claiming they know too little about the technology to even gauge their level of interest.

Only 21% of all motorists claim to know what a fully-autonomous vehicle is, and awareness levels drop significantly with older motorists – with 81% of over 55s admitting they aren’t clear on what the term means.

However, 44% of 17-44 year olds predict that fully-autonomous cars will not be available in their lifetime.