Clocking sets alarms ringing

The number of cars on UK roads showing mileage discrepancies has risen by 25% in the last two years.

Figures released by hpi found that one in 16 used cars sold today will have had their mileage tampered with.

Barry Shorto, head of industry relations at cap hpi, said, ‘There are numerous reasons why clocking is on the up. The continued development of technologies to alter digital odometers, increasingly easy access to this technology via the internet and similarly, the ease of access to mileage adjustment services online, some of whom will behave legitimately, others less so. The increase in mileage-related finance arrangements such as PCP and PCH may also be a contributing factor.

The practice, says hpi, is costing motorists over £800m every year.

Barry added, ‘Not only should dealers make conducting mileage investigations an integral part of their business process, to protect their reputation and their customers, they need actively to promote the fact to their customers that these checks have been done.

‘Our data confirms that consumers are seeking peace of mind against clocking, yet some dealers are choosing to overlook this. Proof of a mileage check should be a key part of a dealer’s sales strategy, promoting the quality of their stock, as well as highlighting the dangers of clocking for their customers.’