Claims community predict changing times

Post’s Motor Report: What’s driving motor? has revealed how 27.8% of the claims community believe the number of repairers will decrease by up to five per cent over the next five years.

Produced in association with National Windscreens, the report highlights how 21% suggest the number of repairers will stay the same, whilst 14.3% hint that it will decrease by between six per cent and 10%. Nine per cent believe the decrease will be 16%.

Contributing to the report, Stephen Jones, UK head of property and casualty pricing, claims and underwriting, Willis Towers Watson said, ‘Ever increasing levels of technology within vehicles will undoubtedly challenge the viability of smaller repair shops outside of manufacturer networks. Whether reduced competition, but higher technological capability in the repair industry is good for consumers remains to be seen.’

Supporting the statement, Tim Marlow, head of autonomous and connected vehicle research at Ageas, said, ‘Once we have vehicles with automated driving systems, there will be an obligation to ensure that those systems are certified as fully operational following a post-crash repair. This may mean the insurer will need to utilise a manufacturer-approved repairer able to carry out that repair and certification.’

The report also revealed how just under half of respondents believe insurance will be sold as part of vehicle purchase packages, and just under 30% of respondents believe insurance will be sold through manufacturers in the future. However, a Consumer Intelligence survey of members of the public highlighted that 50% believe vehicle manufacturers should be responsible for repairs of ADAS systems in cars.