CitNOW introduces new product experts

CitNOW has added a new division to its customer support infrastructure with the appointment of a new team of product experts, who will deliver proactive, specialised guidance on video communications to the automotive industry.

Strengthening CitNOW’s existing customer support infrastructure which provides reactive day-to-day support, the role of the product experts will be to pro-actively enhance customer’s’ use of CitNOW, ensuring that they fully understand the benefits of CitNOW and its range of app-based automotive video services.

The new, extensively trained team will support individual users too, identifying those who need further help and offering them targeted training where necessary. The new initiative will give CitNOW customers access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise on using video for communications, helping to ensure their videos are of high quality and delivered consistently.

CitNOW sales director, Gordon Grant, commented, ‘CitNOW already has an excellent support infrastructure which reacts to our customers’ needs on a day-to-day basis. Our new arm of product experts enhances this offering with proactive customer engagement, helping them see the full benefits of CitNOW’s range of services.’

‘For example, a dealer may be using CitNOW in the workshop but not on the sales floor – our experts will help them see just how CitNOW can benefit the whole business. They will also be able to provide targeted support, identifying customers who need more training and offering them the chance to attend a webinar or standalone event. This new arm of the team brings comprehensive technology experience to CitNOW and will help users get the best out of the product, produce high quality video communications and reap the rewards of greater trust and transparency with their own customer base.’

Wokingham-based CitNOW works with 94 of the top 100 dealer groups and 36 OEMs globally. Retailers can arrange an appointment with their local product expert by visiting