CitNOW enables mobile monitoring of repairs

CitNOW’s video technology has enabled the roll-out of the first pan-European OEM video communications programme.

The British firm has worked with Ford Motor Company, whose Ford Video Check service will allow workshop technicians in 14 countries to use a smartphone to record and send personalised customer videos to customers’ phones, tablets or desktop computers via wifi.

On receipt of a video of their vehicle in the workshop, Ford customers will be given a full condition report to assess which parts are in good condition, which require monitoring and those needing immediate attention. This ensures that the process of repairing a vehicle is completely transparent from booking to payment and collection.

The programme is the first such initiative to be offered across Europe and will be launched in up to 1,650 workshop sites from spring 2017.

Staff on those sites will receive training and support from CitNOW’s dedicated training academy during the implementation.

Though Ford Video Check is a unique solution designed by CitNOW for Ford, it uses many of the features of CitNOW’s app-based Workshop product, which has consistently proven to increase aftersales work by 20%.

John Cooper, vice president of customer service at Ford of Europe, commented, ‘Adopting CitNOW technology for Ford Video Check is a clear statement of intent for Ford of Europe to deliver consistently excellent customer communications across the network, in line with our brand values.’

Nick Pratt, managing director international markets at CitNOW added, ‘Ford of Europe’s early adoption of video demonstrates its commitment to delivering outstanding customer service.’