Charge points with a difference

Electric vehicle charge point designer Andersen is partnering with vehicle manufacturers to offer alternative charge points to match the quality of their cars.

The A1 charge points will be designed by Andersen’s hand-picked team of installers and will be, says the company, ‘worth driving home to’. The designs will blend in with exterior walls of country homes through to town houses.

Inspired by Scandinavian, minimalist design the A1 is discreet and super slim with dimensions of 490x345x120 mm, it is made of aluminium, stainless steel and sustainably sourced Accoya wood materials. Customers can configure their own colour combination from a range of eight shades.

As part of the A1’s innovative design, the Evoflek cable has been custom designed developed to be ultra-flexible light and durable.  Measuring 4.7m in length, it intuitively winds either clockwise or anticlockwise to effectively conceal and store the cable out of sight. The A1 has been certified for all European countries and has received a UK grant approval by OLEV.

Co-founder David Simpson said, ‘E mobility is the future and I feel that the electric car charging industry is at the point where web giant Amazon was in 2000, we’re right on the cusp of profound change and there’s huge opportunity.’

Jérôme Faissat, co-founder, added, ‘Our aim is to create a landscape where home car charging is desirable by developing and designing discreet and stylish charge points that fit in with any aesthetic. Using your charge point shouldn’t just be functional and a means to an end – it should also make you feel good. We are looking to become the go to brand for quality home charging in Europe.’