Car vandalism on the rise

Police data has revealed that vehicle vandalism has jumped by 10% in three years in England and Wales.

RAC Insurance has revealed that about 210,000 vehicles suffered criminal damage such as smashed windows, slashed tyres and broken windscreen wipers in 2016, compared with 191,000 in 2013. However, the actual figures are believed to be considerably higher as many motorists do not report incidents to avoid soaring insurance premiums.

Greater Manchester has been the country’s hot spot for vandalism, with a 37% rise reported, while Hertfordshire Constabulary and West Yorkshire Police had the joint second largest increase at 25%.

RAC Insurance director Mark Godfrey said, ‘In terms of motorists protecting their vehicles against vandalism there is unfortunately very little they can do to avoid a very deliberate action, mindless stupidity or drunkenness.’

According to the RAC, the police forces that reported the highest increase in vandalism were: Greater Manchester Police (37%); Hertfordshire Constabulary (25%); West Yorkshire Police (25%); Northumbria Police (22%); Cambridgeshire Constabulary (19%); South Yorkshire Police (19%); Dyfed-Powys Police (15%); Bedfordshire Constabulary (13%); Staffordshire Police (12%); Kent Police (11%); and Durham Constabulary (11%).