Car tech set for great leap

Black box car insurer, ingenie has partnered with a student in automotive performance engineering at the University of Bolton, to create a digital model of what cars will look like in the future.

From zero-emission engines to augmented-reality windscreens and even cars that think for themselves, the project forecasts that automotive technology is about to take one of the greatest leaps forward in living memory.

The research reveals that the car of the future will incorporate a variety of new features designed to drastically change the driving experience, improve the safety of pedestrians and also reduce emissions.

Key changes for cars of the future include: active window displays; biometric access; gesture control; external airbags; engines producing lower emissions; advanced materials; sensors; autonomy; versatile interiors; and omnidirectional wheels.

Edward Cumming, a student in automotive performance engineering at the University of Bolton, said, ‘It’s really exciting to see this new ground breaking technology crossover into mainstream designs and how it will have such an impact on the driving experience as a whole.’

Mike Ketteringham, CEO of ingenie, said, ‘Through working with Edward, we have been able to create a really detailed visual of the car of 2045.

‘With the self-driving revolution around the corner and cars getting smarter and more efficient every day, it is an exciting time to be a motorist. We have already seen innovation from brands such as Tesla and BMW and we can’t wait to see how other big names incorporate this new technology.

‘While we can’t say for sure how closely our vision of the car of tomorrow will resemble all cars of the future– just take a look back at the ‘cars of the future’ in the 60s – it’s a certainty that big changes are ahead, both for how we interact with our vehicles and how they improve our world.’

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