Car maintenance knowledge at ‘shocking’ levels

Younger drivers are ‘overwhelmingly naïve’ when it comes to the practicalities of car ownership, with only 38% of under 35s knowing how often their car needs an MOT.

Far more (48%) know how to tune their car radios, however.

Vehicle leasing company UK Carline asked more than 1,000 car owners about the items they keep in their vehicles and their knowledge of car maintenance and safety, revealing huge disparities between younger and older drivers.

Just one in five (20%) millennials keep their breakdown service contact details in their glovebox, compared to 48% of older generations. Furthermore, only a quarter (25%) of young drivers keep an ice scraper handy compared to 62% of older drivers.

Meanwhile, less than a third (31%) of under 35s know how to check its coolant level (62% for over-35s), only 24% know how to change a wheel and only 38% know what all the warning signs on their dashboard mean.

Jonathan Nolan, general manager at UK Carline, said, ‘It’s important for car owners to keep the right sorts of equipment in their car in case of emergency, as well as knowing basic car maintenance and how to fix common problems.

‘It was quite shocking to see how little knowledge people had of basic car maintenance, such as checking oil levels and tyre pressure. Having this knowledge is not only important for keeping cars in top condition and preventing costly bills at the garage, but is also vital for safety on the road.

‘The research has highlighted that although younger drivers seem to be overwhelmingly naive, everyone could do with brushing up on their car knowledge and how to carry out vital checks to stay safe. These are usually quite simple to do, and could make all the difference when it comes to the health and safety of your vehicle.’

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