Car clean anyone?

A quarter (29%) of car owners wait over three months before they clean the inside of their cars, new research by UK Carline has revealed.

Car leasing specialists UK Carline polled 1,006 UK car owners on their attitudes to car cleanliness and discovered that 61% of car owners wait longer than a month before cleaning the inside of their cars with a shocking seven per cent admitting to only cleaning their car’s interior once a year, or never at all.

Cities with the messiest cars (based on those where owners clean the exterior and interior once a year or less) were: Birmingham (19%); London (11%); Manchester (9%); Leeds (9%); and Bristol (4%).

Despite car owners cleaning their car out so rarely, 69% of respondents admitted to spilling either food or drinks in their car with 14% even confessing to letting food go mouldy in there. A further 11% have slept there, while nearly one in five (18%) have admitted having sex in their car.

Speaking about the findings, Jonathan Nolan, general manager at UK Carline, commented, ‘We were shocked to discover just how infrequently people clean their vehicles.’