CAPS completes major upgrade

CAPS has completed a major upgrade in the latest release of its data transfer system.

Users will now benefit from even greater levels of security and an improved user interface designed to ensure total data transparency. Users will be able to access the new software automatically when they log in to their online account.

The new release has seen a migration to the industry-leading Microsoft Azure Cloud platform that increases levels of security even further and guarantees long term scalability and functionality as well as protection against emerging threats.

The new system has refined the process of selecting who you wish to share data with before information can be shared with them. An online ‘handshake protocol’ identified as CAPS Friendship Request sends a message to the recipient requesting a formal acceptance of future information exchange. The system also extends reporting facilities to make it easier for users to monitor the number of transactions being processed.

These features are vital to enable users to meet new requirements under the General Data Protection Regulation that comes into force in May 2018 and requires organisations to control more closely the use of customer data.

Long term, the new platform will enable even more organisations within the repair supply chain, such as salvage companies and repair method providers, to connect quickly and securely.

The moves are in direct response to industry feedback from the CAPS National Advisory Council, which has recommended a broadening of the CAPS “ecosystem” to embrace more suppliers.

John O’Roarke, chair of the CAPS National Advisory Council, made up of senior representatives from across the insurance and vehicle repair sectors, said, ‘In addition to achieving GDPR compliance, CAPS 2.0 is a major step forward in opening up our technology to the wider supply chain – which will offer cost-saving and efficiency benefits to all users.’