Business security gets smart

Research has revealed that the total average cost of burglaries across the lifespan of a business is £13,570.

Over half (51%) of small and medium sized businesses in the UK have been targeted by crime, costing owners up to £25m – or £2,625 for each crime. Across the average lifespan of a UK business, that’s a huge £13,570 – and that doesn’t cover the emotional impact a security incident can have.

It’s also been revealed that 75% of businesses do not have adequate security precautions in place at the time of the crime, while 80% of businesses close within 18 months after a major incident.

In response, ADT has created ADT Smart Business – using smart technology to offer the next generation of security to the UK’s 5.49 million businesses.

ADT Smart Business app allows owners to set and unset the alarm, detect motion, start camera recordings and track who’s going in and out of buildings from miles away, with just the press of a button. The system alerts owners when the alarm has been activated, and the live camera feed can make catching any perpetrators much easier.

Lee Jasper, head of product and solutions from ADT said, ‘We understand that business owners have a lot on their plate. At ADT, we want to help minimise their worries by providing them with a security system designed specifically for their needs, that uses state of the art technology to keep what’s important to them safe.’