British drivers set for two-billion-mile trip

British drivers will travel nearly two billion miles to get home for Christmas this year.

More than 2,000 UK residents over the age of 18 were questioned via an online tool created by Hillarys, with 38% saying that driving was the chosen method of returning home for Christmas. A further 25% said they’d travel by train with 21% saying they’d take the bus.

And the average distance was 38 miles, with one respondent saying they’d travel more than 500 miles.

When asked where they’d be travelling from in order to get home, the top responses were ‘work, either a fixed base or a meeting out of the office’ (44%), ‘my own home, returning to my family home’ (18%) and ‘my partner’s home, returning to my own home/my family home’ (15%).

Furthermore, all respondents were asked how they usually felt on their journey home for Christmas, with over two thirds (67%) confessing they typically feel angrier than normal due to traffic and transport delays as they just want to reach their destination. Just nine per cent confessed they felt calmer than normal, being happy and excited to see their loved ones.