BMW is first one HERE

BMW Group is the first vehicle manufacturer to utilise the HERE Open Location Platform for the development and launch of its new digital driving services.

The move will allow BMW to create differentiated location-enriched services from data generated by its connected cars and the HERE data ecosystem. For example, it will be able to combine car sensor data with other data streams available through the platform, such as from cities and the broader Internet of Things, and build services using a framework for geodata processing. In the first wave, this will help vehicles to better detect, process and validate fleet sensor data related to hazards on the road, variable speed signage location and values, and physical road dividers.

‘The raw data crowd-sourced from car sensors becomes more valuable when you have contextual information for that data,’ said Peter Kürpick, chief platform officer, HERE. ‘Our analytical tools provide that rich location context giving BMW and other automakers the ability to turn their data into differentiating services that elevate the driving experience.’

‘We are already shaping the industry ecosystem. Together with HERE and in combination with our partner Mobileye, announced recently, we are creating an essential nucleus on the Open Location Platform for self-healing HD maps required by autonomous driving,’ said Stefan Butz, vp of location based services within BMW.

HERE already serves many of the world’s leading automotive and technology companies with its current generation platform.