Bilston garage boss jailed

The Express and Star reports that the owner of a Black Country vehicle repair business who helped in the ‘disposal’ of more than £420,000 of stolen cars has been jailed.

Garage owner Eamonn O’Malley was sentenced to more than three years in prison at Wolverhampton Crown Court after his role in assisting what was described a ‘large organisation’ getting rid of high-value motor cars.

O’Malley has previous convictions for handling stolen cars and conspiracy to handle stolen vehicles.

Recorder Mr Miles Watkins said 22 vehicles of significant value were taken to the garage business in Oxford Street, Bilston, and the premises were used to strip down the cars before they were moved on.

Mr Marc Davies prosecuting claimed the replacement value of all the vehicles that passed through the operation was £422,000.

O’Malley admitted 22 charges of handling stolen property with Mr Mukhtar Ubhi defending maintaining he had ‘turned a blind eye’ to what was going on in his yard.