AutoRaise continues fast-paced development

AutoRaise Industry Showcase Events continue to go from strength-to-strength with more repairers coming onboard to host the occasions.

With four events in the pre-planning stages at present, one event scheduled for this Wednesday (15 March) at Gemini Worcester and two showcases having recently taken place at Motorfix Group Yeovil and Alton Cars Leeds, AutoRaise CEO Bob Linwood claims the success to date is beyond any of his expectations.

‘I never expected that original event we held at Rye Street Group, which at the time was purely an emotional and passionate creation by Bill Duffy (managing director, Rye Street Group) and myself to get some young people interested in our industry, would develop in to what we have today.

‘Our Showcase Events are proving that the Rye Street Group one wasn’t a fluke. For an industry that struggled to present itself in any way, shape or form as an attractive place to work, we have found innovative, forward thinking repairers who are prepared to put their business in the spotlight. And the result? Young people in their droves coming to our events, seeing how great our industry actually is and then electing to be part of it through a modern apprenticeship programme.’

Bob claims that AutoRaise has developed and grown so quickly, that it is about 12 months ahead of its business plan.

Despite the success, Bob also admits that AutoRaise has a long way to go and stated: ‘I still get frustrated by the lack of interest from so many businesses in our industry whose livelihood depends on a strong vehicle repair market.’

AutoRaise is supported by Audatex, BMS, CAPS Consortium, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Fix Auto UK, LV=, Morelli, RM and U-Pol.