AutoRaise backs IPPR’s stance

Reforms to apprenticeship funding are ‘an opportunity for employers to take back control’ according to the accident repair industry skills champion, AutoRaise.

AutoRaise – the vehicle repair industry charity – has welcomed the views of national, independent think tank, the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), which claims the new apprenticeship levy ‘may deepen the north-south divide’.

IPRR analysis suggests London and the South East will benefit most from the government’s new apprenticeship levy on large businesses to be introduced on 1 April. However, it claims the levy will raise less money and have a smaller impact on areas that need it most.

Clare McNeil, IPPR associate director for work and families, said, ‘The new apprenticeship levy will raise less money, and stimulate training less, in the areas that need it most – the regions hit hardest by de-industrialisation, which suffer from low levels of qualification, low productivity and low pay.’

Welcoming the contribution to the skills debate from the IPPR, AutoRaise trustee and chairman, Chris Oliver said, ‘AutoRaise are in agreement with the IPPR that there appears to be some clear anomalies arising from the government reforms. As they relate to our sector, the landscape has been littered with false starts, lost causes and, at time, downright miss-management and ignorance by the establishment. The reforms are an opportunity for employers to take back control.’