Auto-Motivate offers free taster

Mindset performance training is now available specifically to the bodyshop industry via Auto-Motivate with a free taster session on offer.

Auto-Motivate, the brainchild of managing director, Mike Monaghan is designed to bring about what he claims could be the ‘most successful change model to ever reach the bodyshop industry’. Evidence supports the idea that this type of training can increase productive efficiency in a company by over 30%.

Mike said, ‘You can have the best bodyshop, the best business, the best process, but if a staff member walks in on a morning in the wrong mood, you will never get the best out of him or her and whether they choose to co-operate or be disruptive will be entirely up to them. Leadership, cultural shifts and people management can also be unsuccessful and challenging because we don’t ever train our minds.’

To help give a better understanding of what mindset training is and how it works, Auto-Motivate is running a free seminar on 3 May for bodyshop owners and managers. The event will be held in Preston.