Audatex announces new release

Audatex has announced that its latest vehicle data release, D4.48.5, will be made available for all users on Audaenterprisegold version 4.0 this week.

The latest release also includes some fantastic new features, helping to streamline the overall vehicle assessment process.

The latest vehicle data update and new features are only compatible with version 4.0 of Audaenterprisegold. Audatex is therefore encouraging all customers to upgrade as soon as possible to benefit from the latest technology and data.

Audatex has notified all users of Audaenterprisegold about the recent upgrade. Failure to upgrade will mean that some vehicle model options will not be available and will adversely impact the assessment outcome.

The latest features include: part number search, enabling users to correctly identify vehicle parts through a live search within the assessment, and a parts prices with quantities tool that delivers improved pricing for parts where multiple quantities are required.

Users already on version 4.0 will also benefit from ‘Download on Demand’, meaning they will no longer receive a data update disc from Audatex. Enabled users will always have secure access to the very latest vehicle data when they need it, reducing manual effort and saving valuable time.

The latest updates from Audatex reflect its commitment towards continuous product development, thanks to its adoption of the Agile working approach. By using this method, Audatex is able to efficiently develop and launch new products to the market at a faster rate. The Agile methodology also allows for consistent consultation and software releases with customers, ensuring absolute customer satisfaction.