Absolute backs Citroën C1 Challenge

Wheel alignment equipment specialists, Absolute Alignment is sponsoring the inaugural Citroën C1 Challenge race series.

The challenge is based around a standard version of the original C1 with modifications limited to safety and a C1 Racing Club-supplied handling pack. Races are long-distance endurance events in the UK and Europe with the highlight being the 24 hour race at Spa Francorchamps in October.

Managing director of Absolute Alignment, Chris Dear, said, ‘We were looking for a new racing challenge after many years in historic MGs, and the C1 seemed great fun. The more I researched the project the more appealing it became, and the attraction of racing in Europe is high.

‘C1 racing is a great platform for Absolute Alignment to demonstrate its products, as with a low-powered car perfect set up is vital to ensure top performance. Our wheel alignment equipment has been used by top racers over the past few years, including Dan Welch in the BTCC and many successful Caterham teams.

‘The C1 Challenge is all about equal equipment and low-budget racing. But low-budget doesn’t mean low-quality, and we’re looking forward to a great season of close competition.’

Absolute Alignment has built its own car for the series with a number of guest drivers planned throughout the season.