A quarter unworried by licence bans

Research from Goodyear Tyres UK has revealed that almost a quarter (23%) of young motorists said the risk of being prosecuted would not affect their mobile phone use behind the wheel.

From today (1 March) motorists who have had their licences for less than two years will be banned if caught using their mobile device behind the wheel and penalties for all drivers caught using their handset in the car are doubling.

Kate Rock, PR and corporate communications manager, said, ‘It’s absolutely imperative that more education is provided to make drivers aware of the potential dangers of the road and the distractions around them, so that safe driving becomes second nature.

‘We have found that mobile phone use is still prominent especially in young drivers. Worryingly, our extensive research revealed that 42% of young drivers have admitted to using their mobile phone behind the wheel and almost one quarter (23%) said the risk of being prosecuted would not affect this. Driving is a serious matter and we hope this change in law makes motorists think about their actions, to stay focused on the task in hand.’