A new app from cap hpi

Automotive data expert cap hpi has launched an advanced car appraisal tool that integrates valuations into an app, available on iOS and Android tablets.

The app uses the latest vehicle technology to provide repair pricing, specific to each company, in real-time. Accurate, up-to-date vehicle details to auto populate the appraisal report are provided by entering a registration or VIN.

The appraisal app has been designed to guide the appraiser around the vehicle with the customer in seven simple steps, identifying any areas that require repair while evidencing the costs associated with correcting issues, managing consumer’s expectations to minimise complaints.

Joel Albyn, product and innovation director said, ‘We put the customer experience at the heart of the development of the new appraisal app. It draws on a unique data set to provide industry leading accuracy in real-time.’

The app allows users to pre-determine the cost of different types of repair, via a web portal, which automatically updates whenever a piece of damage is captured. The electronic process reduces the number of errors and allows for multi-site monitoring.