3D printing drives digital transformation

Speaking at the Economist Events Future of Materials Summit, senior leaders from the 3D printing industry outlined how 3D printers are already having a great impact across our society, creating new high skilled manufacturing jobs that will help to grow the global economy.

Tim Weber, global head of metals, HP 3D Printing Business, said, ‘3D printing is a driving force behind the digital transformation of the $12 trillion manufacturing industry.

‘As the acceleration of 3D printing for production continues, entire industries—including auto, aerospace, medical and consumer goods—will be reinvented.

‘HP and its partners are delivering the technologies and economics to unlock the power of the next industrial revolution.’

Mike Gascoyne, former Formula One technical director and CEO of MGI Motorsport said, ‘Formula One have been pioneering 3D printing technology from the get go. Its use is vital for all types of modelling. Formula One is about winning. The use of 3D printers in the wind tunnel help us pinpoint where we can gain hundredths of a second.

‘As 3D printing gets faster and materials improve, we are using it to print parts of the car with incredible precision quickly, often at the race track.

‘Formula One’s innovations mean wider society benefits from a focus that would not otherwise be commercially viable’.