Zap Digital created for EV product development

The UK’s leading EV charging platform Zap-Map passed a significant milestone in August with 40,000 users – half of the 80,000 EV parc in the UK.

Zap-Map’s success has been achieved without external funding, with the user-base growing sustainably through website, user and industry recommendations. Integral with the mapping service is Zap-Chat, a real-time peer-to-peer comms channel allowing users to provide status updates and last-mile information.

Zap-Map is now entering an investment phase and to support this Next Green Car Ltd has set up a new company Zap Digital Ltd. Zap-Map will be transferred to Zap Digital where it will form one of a number of EV products within a larger Zap platform; products designed to enable EV drivers to locate, access and share info on charge points; support networks to promote charge point usage; and help mobility companies to assess the market and deliver their solutions.

Examples of forthcoming Zap products include Zap-Pay, a payment and access interface allowing users to pay and access participating networks, and Zap-Insights, a survey portal which will open up an opted-in Zap-Map users-base for market research.