Workplace perks ‘pointless’

A study from CV-Library has revealed how automotive workers believe ‘workplace perks’ are pointless and that most would rather bank the money.

The job site conducted research amongst over 2,400 UK professionals this winter to determine how UK workers feel about workplace perks offered by their employers. The survey findings reveal: only 22.2% of automotive employees receive perks at work, lower than the national average of 24.3% yet the majority (80.8%) of industry workers believe businesses should offer workplace perks. Early finishes rank top on the list of favourite perks among automotive professionals with more holiday and money savers (eg gym membership) second and third respectively. Thirsty seven per cent of automotive professionals would feel happier if their employer offered more perks.

Despite being excited about workplace perks, when asked to choose between perks at work and a pay rise, 81.5% of automotive workers would opt for the money. Furthermore, two thirds (66.7%) of sector professionals don’t believe workplace perks are important when considering new career opportunities.

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library commented, ‘When run effectively, workplace perks can go great lengths to creating a happy and productive workforce. However, it’s important that perks aren’t used as a replacement for fair salaries and bonus schemes, especially if you’re bringing staff on-board in January.’